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Meet The Hessels Farm Supply Crew!

Hessels Farm Supply is the result of a growing farm owned and operated by Clarence Hessels. After growing up on a chicken farm, Clarence began his own cash crop farm while in high school. Renting land and doing custom work such as disking, planting, and combining, he was able to work his way to buy a parcel of land on the Diltz Road in 1988. In 1994, Clarence received his first Grain License and got into the business of custom storage and drying.

Since then Clarence has been steadily growing the grain facility and the cash crop farm to include 10,000 tonnes storage capacity and 1700 acres of land (both owned and rented).

Hessels Farm Supply was officially created in 1999 with the addition of a fertilizer and chemical retail outlet. This includes custom application of both liquid and dry fertilizer and chemical, Pioneer brand seed, soil sampling, grain toxicology testing and much more. Many dedicated employees help to make Hessels Farm Supply what it is today. This is a family run business that seeks to work hard for the customer, for the community and for the Glory of God.

Hessles Farm Supply Staff Pic

Back Row: (Left to Right): Ron Vandenhengel, Henry Vander Veen, Andy Dehaan, Dustin Jansema, Cornelis Feenstra, Geoffrey Dasselaar, Ryan Nieuwold, Tim Baarda, Carson Lof, Henry VanSoelen, Arie VanEs

Front Row: (Left to Right): Brittany Jansema, Clarence Hessels, Marlene Dasselaar, Art Hopman, Irene Vandebeld

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